OPINION: Why Musila MUST Invest heavily in Media & Public Relations


By Guest Writer.

Opinion: Why David Musila MUST swiftly Invest heavily in Media coverage hire top Notch Media consultant & run PR feats

For the last four years when social media took centre stage in criticising regimes, it appeared well coordinated from some quarters whether it was oiled, or hatred for the sitting administrations, or the hangover from 2017 elections.

The anti regime crusade that was majorly from kitui constituencies with an exception of Katiwa from Mwingi Constituencies, the anti regimes crusade majorly advanced the comparative politics that former regime was better than sitting regime (Kava Malombe), a repetition of 2017 campaign of Ngilu vs Male candidates (Kava Mama).

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Former Senator, David Musila took back stage after general elections and completely did nothing in the political strategy, a ploy to create perception.

For him (Musila) to come barely 9 months to the general election and expect his popularity to exponentially rise, compete with comparative perception that has consistently been advanced on social media, the centre stage in the modern day world of communication, David Musila and his strategy team must heavily invest in the Media and Public relations, see the value not the queue nor the crowd that they can mobilize with the social media budget.

For four years, having done no public event, David Musila and his team must get prepared to let young turks who clearly understand the public relations and media independently run the show if at all they are willing to be declared winner on the 9/8/2022 elections.

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If not blinded, David Musila and his team must have learnt how Kenya kwanza if not UDA took advantage of the social media.

Former senator must allow himself to gain from the skill that has been clearly demonstrated by the young people in kitui. They must run away from the old school politics.

Having started late in the gubernatorial space, David Musila must allow digital space & technology to be bombarded by his campaign agenda coupled with opponents profiling for the next 3 months, otherwise it wont be a walk in the park for him to have the key for kitui devolved executive office.

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For the next 3 months, David Musila must atleast budget ksh2.5M on monthly basis, and let the young turks run the show around media and publicity.

The old school politicians tend to overlook the impact of social media but I can Authoritatively tell them that today it’s the elephant in the house that Musila must campaign against, otherwise, he should sit down, pray extra hard for Azimio to win and be given another state appointment