By : Makueni Correspondent

The much waited BBI report is out seeking to restructure the National Government’s Executive and Legislature sending MPs who aspired to contest as Governors or Senators in limbo ahead of 2022 polls.

If Kenyans adopt a Parliamentary or hybrid system that will see a Prime Minister docket with two deputies and all Cabinet Secretaries drawn from Parliament,the stake would high tempting MPs allied to major Coalitions or Parties to defend their seats aiming at CS slots.

“According to the revelations of BBI proposal, only National Assembly can produce Cabinet as Senate represents Counties.

According to BBI team Constituencies will be reduced to the previous 210 with the office of an MP losing NG- CDF kitty to undevolved ministries in the National Government and more functions like Education that may stand fully devolved as County revenue allocation goes up from 15% to 45%.

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With the number of Counties retained at the current 47 and that Women reps increased to two per County the two third gender rule in Parliament will have been institutionalized. A section of women leaders in the pro BBI Team Embrace are pushing for a 50-50 share of appointments across gender so most Women reps and elected female MPs will defend their seats eying cabinet slots.

However this may not materialize as the recently released census reports capturing an extra Bisexual gender. Kenya National Bereau of Statistics warns that bisexual gender should not be classified as disability.


That means Parliment should enact a new policy or amend the existing ones to recognize, protect incorporate, integrate and protect the constitutional rights or interests of the newly recognized gender. Kenya is the first country in the world to capture the statistics of bisexual people in a National Census.

The MP slots now become more competitive than before as they are the people who will approve the Prime Minister appointed by the President. It is cabinet compromising of MPs that will control the 55% revenue allocation set for undevolved functions after the division of revenue bill is passed and approved by the bicameral Parliament.

This means that Senate by will be inferior to National Assembly and an MP will be more esteemed than his or her County Senator who draws a higher salary and represents a bigger Constituency than him or her.

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I can authoritatively say that most MPs and Women Reps eying for bigger positions at National or County level are on a Wait and see mode as the BBI campaigns gains currency with minimal opposition. Most of them in Ukambani have reportedly told their support teams to go slow on publishing or advancing 2022 ambitions that widen their scope.

(The Writer is Josephat Musoma a Journalist, Political Analyst, Humans Right Activist and former Makueni Parliamentary Aspirant)