Why Mp Irene Kasalu Is Darling Among The Youth


By OUR reporter.

Kitui woman representative Hon Dr Irene Kasalu has continued win banquet of Praises among the women and youth faction in kitui county.

When Irene kasalu was elected to the office, she has walked the Journey with young people, she hired Young people in her office among them the National youth council members, Mr Benson Kilonzo, Kasoa among others.

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The distribution of projects in the office of Women rep has been lauded by majority of kitui population.

Ideally, The politicians have for a decade used youth and women to win elections and leave the huge group to languish in poverty.

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“It’s very few leaders who have an agenda for the youth in current political dispensation” Muli Mulonzya told Reporters in kitui town.

Photo file: Ben kilonzo, the Manager at the office of kitui woman Representative.

Photo file: Kitui women representative Hon Kasalu in a past function.