Why Malombe Will Not Beat Ngilu Despite Ground favouring Him



OPINION: As Kitui Political fever continue to boil to the highest degree – pitting Gubernatorial race – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu still remains the Candidate to Beat, I will tell you why.

At the Moment the political ground in Kitui County seems to favour Kitui former governor Dr Malombe, But his style or Doing Politics will disadvantage him.

Kitui Governor Is a season Politician In Kenya – Since BBI was mooted, Ngilu has stood with it, defending it by hook and crook.

At some point hosted one of the initial BBI popularization rallies where she ran roughshod on perceived opponents.

She organized goons and ruffians to beat, harass and shame oppositionists like Kipchumba Murkomen and Moses Kuria during a Kitui BBI rally on February 1, 2020.

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Ngilu’s political antennae never fails, beating her needs a clear and clever strategy to unseat her, the strategy her perceived enemies seems to lack.

She has kept them aloft, sensing and scrutinizing the emerging political trends in the country with her hawk-eyed technique .

Shrewd and sharp as always, Governor Ngilu is not the type to sleep on her laurels and wait for a chance and good luck to come beckoning!

Thus smart Ngilu crafted a scheme to keep herself in good terms with Top Political alignment while at the same time cohabiting with the pro-BBI camp. Ngilu is currently running the similar big five agenda like that the four Big agenda of President Kenyatta. She is the only Governor in Kenya who is doing similar programs like the National Government.

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She is expected to lock her Political base of five Constituencies and leave the three constituencies as a battleground.

The former governor Dr Julius Malombe is the current competitor of Governor Ngilu yet the two comes from the same Village, the former County Boss has made official that he will be on the ballot Box, it is yet to be seen which strategy Dr Malombe will use.

Keep it here for the unfolding events