Why Malombe has Pitched Tent In Kitui South



The former kitui Governor Dr. Malombe is on a tour of Kitui South for a second week in a row with the residents saying they will be key stakeholders in his administration.

Malombe promised that he will jumpstart all life changing projects that stalled when he left office and initiate others for the benefit of Kitui people.

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Of utmost priority will be his investments in the health sector to ensure accessible & affordable healthcare services for all. A motivated healthcare workforce will be among top of his priorities.

Kitui south constituency being the second largest in the county in terms of voter registration is of importance to any serious candidate interested in any of the county seats.

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The development don who initiated remarkable projects all over the county has been receiving overwhelming reception all over the county due to his progressive development projects.

In the southern part of this county the governor is keen to ensure that the residents get an opportunity to appreciate his manifesto as he hopes to fetch the much needed votes.

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Kitui south Residents have told former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe, that they are behind him in the August poll

Dr. Malombe has continued to receive an overwhelming support in Kitui South where the locals at Kisayani vowed to rally behind him to the last voter.