Despite being the smallest County in the region Makueni is undoubtifully the hot bed of Ukambani politics. However all attention has been drawn on Gubernatorial, Parliamentary and Civic contests ahead of 2020 polls but only Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo is interested to succeed Mutula Junior as Senator.

One wonders why even those wealthy Makueni Politicians are shy on the Senatorial seat but truth be told the current occupant and his most probable successor are politicians of wits who enjoy the confidence of voters.

Having secured 97% of senatorial vote cast in 2017 Mutula Junior was the third most voted politician in Kenya after Orengo who came second to President Kenyatta after NASA coalition boycotted polls. On his side Maanzo remains to be the most liked MP in Makueni County after scooping 72% of votes casted in 2017 polls.


With Junior now eying on Gubernatorial seat in what seems to be a battle of titans as Kibwana succesion heats up,Maanzo has positioned himself as next Senator scaring wanna-bes. The Makueni MP is not just any other everange leader but a seasoned political guru who has mastered his game over time.

Many politicians fear him, he can terrebly rock havoc on your political aspirations or render you to political oblivion. The humble litigant came to spotlight after helping former Vice President Kalonzo to grab ODM-Kenya Party (now Wiper) registration certificate from Raila camp,hence the name “Kijana Mwepesi”.

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Maanzo served as Secretary General when the orange movement defeated a NARC Government referandum seeking to amend the constitution.

Having began his service to public in 2007 when former President Mwai Kibaki appointed him Secretary of Sports Kenya Maanzo rose to become one of the most powerful MPs in Ukambani politics where he shapes public opinions and Wiper Party Policies.

After trauncing PC Kiilu in 2013 and defending his seat successfully in 2017 the middle aged lawyer who would probably retain his seat should he wish to defend it again now has his eyes on the Senate.

Incase you doubt his political muscles consult his competitors who became victims of his political onslaught; Suzzane Kiamba, PC Kiilu, Tom Luusa, Musoma JM and Kithome Nzavi how he gave them a ran for their money in 2017 poll. There was a gap of over 43,000 votes between him and the candidate who came second.

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Maanzo is neither from a wealthy family nor a political dynasty but was born and brought up in a very humble background. He is a classic example of a person who has risen from abject poverty to positions of influence in society by making humility his strategy.