Why Kitui Senator Wambua lectured Moses Muria during Kabaka Burial



OPINION: Gatundu member of Parliament has found himself on the receiving end on Monday when he tried to publicly Mock kamba leadership during the burial of senator Kabaka.

According to Kitui leaders led Katee Ndana, ” Yes it was indeed right for Moses Kuria to be publicly admonished for his kiherehere.

You don’t come “Kwatha andu” at there homestead. However the fellow was extending the disrespect his community more so the political leadership has for us”. Katee added.

The fact that Moses Kuria belongs to Tangatanga does not necessarily mean it is indeed the group which extends the same but rather his community leadership. Unfortunately this has been exhibited over numerous time.

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Fast track 2013 and compare it with now. The so called G7 and how he was disrespected. If it was not for the similar tactics by Muthama/Mutula Snr/Musila which gave our community respect by enlisting him in CORD we would be very far.

He was behaving the same way like today promising us he will be the compromise candidate but what happened. Only speakers and minority leader in parliament where being thrown at.

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Does betrayal look real in the current circumstances? Every bit much.Everyone knows only 2 people have the resources and the numbers to fight for the Presidency with the incumbent well positioned to get something big for his community nominee. If we are lucky we maybe offered DP or DPM.

Lets try not to treat either of the two as enemies and disqualify working with either. At times we bring disrespect to ourselves on how we(Our political leadership) handle ourselves and blame others.