Why Kibra by-election Outcome is significant for 2022


Editors Opinion

There is something phenomenon happening in Kibra current political realignment, leaders across the country are rushing to pledge their loyalty to ODM party leader, even when their own candidate is on the race.

The constituency by-election outcome which is expected on Thursday will form the next political coalition, its marks end of the NASA coalition, the future political statement will be issued to the public, it’s not about ODM candidate winning or the Jubilee candidate MacDonald Mariga win. It’s about the 2022 general election

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President Uhuru Kenyatta Doesn’t care what happens there. Whether Mariga, Imran, Owalo or Butichi wins is none of his business. He has nothing to gain or lose.
Raila Odinga: The bedroom is seriously under attack. His political fame depends on it. He has stopped everything to camp there, he has reached many for help, If Kibra falls, public perception will be very harsh on him.

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The pain will even be more intense depending on who wins. If Mariga wins, the public will close their eyes to Mariga and look at Him and William Ruto. If Owalo wins, the headlines will scream that his co-NASA principal has upstaged him. For him, it does or dies, if Jubilee candidate wins, it will be Ruto wins against Raila

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Back in ukambani the writing is on the wall, the son of Tseikuru has been given marching orders by the governors and Rt hon Raila Odinga.it will not be business as usual, the current realignment might dislodge him, he must get his act together before its too late.