BY: Musoma JM (Activist Publicist and Linguist)

There are three things that I hate; pride of life, huge ego and a chest thumbing attitude. They all lead you to the same destination; failure. A man who is bold enough to beat these three vices can beat anyone in anything. Doesn’t the Holy Bible tell us how God will resist the proud and give his grace to the humble?

Former Vice President and Special Envoy for Peace in Southern Sudan HE. DR. Kalonzo Musyoka has mastered the art of leadership. He has over the years made humility his strategy because he understands the fundamental principle of standing tall and laying low. You can tell it by counting the number of people who have stepped on his shoulders to get to where they are today. Only the Man of Chronicles who can tell you this coz in his natural humility Kalonzo can say or brag about it in public.

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Did you know he helped Kenya from burning when he accepted to become Kibaki’s Vice President to stabilise his government and woo public confidence during the 2007 post election violence? Were it not for Kalonzo Kibaki would not have a second term as a President. Just like the unthankful nine lepers who never returned to give Jesus thanks, Kibaki finished his term and went.

The Former Vice President would again save Uhuru and Ruto from a possible life sentences at the International Criminal Court at the Hague where they both faced charges for crime against humanity. Through the little known shuttle diplomacy he rallied the international community the support the two whom he believed were not being subject to a fair trial. They are now President and Deputy President after stealing election victory from him and Raila twice. You and me know how many times the son of Musyoka has played a second fiddle in Raila Odinga’s Presidential bids; but do I say?

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Peers have over the years sort Musyoka’s political support that also comes along with Ukambani voter’s basket and a dozen of legislators. However when it comes to returning a favour they treat him as an alien. Gone are the days when Wiper Party delighted in pity parties, we have the leaders we have the numbers and a good reputation. We are the only Party that believes Kenya is rich and the major problem is run away corruption.


We don’t need a change of economic models to restore Kenya’s lost glory. Through the Kazi Bila Wizi philosophy, Kalonzo’s leadership can rebuild the economy of our Nation like Nehemiah’s wall in Jericho. We only need to embrace a honest and sincere leadership; faithful custodians who have no appetite to loot from our public coffers.

It’s biblical that a righteous man cannot be equally yoked with a non-believer. Since he is the only senior politician of his kind in Kenya Kalonzo should never play a second fiddle to anyone.