Wiper Party Leader Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka took a one week break from politics to decide on his next move after Raila bypassed him and picked Karua for running mate. The former Vice President is likely to turndown Raila’s Chief Minister offer if it is not deposited in registrar of political parties.

To save guard his interest Musyoka has tentatively picked Andrew Ole Sunkuli as his running mate pending IEBC determination whether his Party is eligible to quit Azimio-OKA and field a Presidential Candidate. However the registrar of political parties has written to IEBC asking them not to clear Musyoka for Presidency. The question is; what next for Kalonzo if not cleared to contest Presidency?Will he against all odds jump ship and support Ruto to punish Raila?

The ODM Party Leader is on record promising the Kisii community that he will retain interior CS Fred Matiangi in the same position he occupies in Uhuru’s government. Matiang’i is currently occupying the Chief Minister position promised to Kalonzo following Uhuru’s executive order Number 1 of the year 2020. This means that that position will attract other interested parties and Kalonzo must brace himself for tough times ahead coz he is likely be subjected to another interview by the man he deputised twice in CORD and NASA Coalition. Having been betrayed before, Kalonzo is not leaving anything to chance, he has unlike before negotiated for himself without mincing words.

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Wiper leaders have demanded that Azimio should first itemize the percentage of stake (20%) Ukambani will get from his government before Kalonzo accepts the Chief Minister offer. They want Raila and Azimio affiliate party leaders to commit in writing the number of cabinet slots, government appointments, dams, institution of higher learning, new hospitals and kilometres of road among other development projects pledged. Kalonzo who has been betrayed by the ODM leader thrice wants to get the facts right.

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However there is another problem, his Ukambani political rivals Ngilu and Kibwana also want a share of what Wiper will be given. The duo is to blame if the deal goes sour and Ukambani loses the Chief Minister position in Raila’s administration and development promises. They are the reason why the relationship between Kalonzo and Raila is growing from bad to worse. After successfully arm-twisting the Ukambani Kingpin and making sure he loses the Deputy President slot to Mt. Kenya, the two elderly Governors have hatched another plan to stop Wiper from getting 100% of the stake from Raila.

The two who are not sure of being elected in the county seats they are seeking have threatened to quit Azimio -OKA if Raila yields to Kalonzo’s demands and deposits the offer in the registrar of Political Parties. They want an assurance that there are cabinet slots available for them incase they lose the county seats they are seeking. Ngilu is facing stiff competition from Julius Malombe in Kitui Gubernatorial race while Kibwana is visibly losing Makueni Senatorial bid to lawyer Maanzo.

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If Raila is serious with what he is promising Kalonzo he should put it in pen and paper and deposit it with the registrar of political parties. Such verbal or secret political deals lead to betrayal and deceit. This is led to the amendment of the political parties act in December last year following the fall out of NASA due to coalition agreements that were not honoured.

There is a petition in court seeking that the Azimio OKA coalition agreement be made public. Kalonzo’s Wiper, Governor Mutua’s Maendeleo ChapChap and Governor Kingi’s PAA are among parties seeking to exit Azimio OKA coalition for lack of transparency.

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