Why Inlaws Presence in the Family, drives Many Couples crazy



By our Corespodent.

The husband and wife today are being driven crazy by the continued presence of the wife’s brother, who came to spend the weekend but is still there six months later. They decide that the wife will cook a chicken and the husband will pretend it is overdone.

They will put the matter to the brother-in-law. If he says the chicken is good, the husband will throw him out; if he says the chicken is bad the wife will throw him out. It can’t fail!

The scene is set up as planned, with much pretended shouting and recrimination, while the brother-in-law silently stows away his food. Suddenly the husband and wife stop shouting and turn to him.

“Harry,” says the husband, “what do you think?”

“Me?” says Harry, biting into the chicken leg. “I think I am staying another three months.”

Must have been a very watchful man. Must have been very careful, alert. He is not caught in the trap. The trap was certainly very subtle. Unless he was very alert, it was bound to trap him. He does not give any opinion. He simply states a fact, that “I am going to stay three more months.”

Live watchfully and you will not be trapped. Live unconsciously and on each step you are trapped; your life becomes more and more imprisoned. And nobody is responsible except you.

Think about it