By High Court lawyer

I come from Tseikuru and I spend much of my childhood there in a humble home, much like H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka who I consider as one of my few living heroes for trailing the blaze for many of us who combine the rigours of legal practice with answering to a political calling with all it’s attendant uncertainties.

Let’s face it: Anyone who knows Tseikuru or comes from there will readily tell you that making it all the way from there to become a Vice President of Kenya is enough reason to qualify for admission to the roll of Senior Counsel of Kenya, without more.

But there is more to Kalonzo Musyoka than coming from Tseikuru especially for those of us who have known him for all our lives as our leader and mentor. Indeed, my earliest memories are tens of posters of Kalonzo Musyoka that my mom had plastered on the walls of the single room we called home, long before I was circumcised or Kenya became a multi-party democracy.

I grew up admiring becoming a lawyer because of the way the profession was esteemed by locals from our area for being “Kalonzo’s profession.” I have no hesitation in admitting Kalonzo Musyoka is one reason I ended up as a lawyer and an aspiring politician because the way the man carried himself, it then seemed and still does seem to be no better thing for a young man to want to become than “the Kalonzo Musyoka of the Future.”


I remember after law school I went to interview for puppilage in one of the top corporate law firms in Nairobi and they asked me: Which senior lawyer do you admire in Kenya? I didn’t even have to think about it: I answered “Kalonzo Musyoka” and added” my dream was to best him in politics.” Honestly, I am still trying!

Well, that was in July 2007 months before Kalonzo Musyoka the first locally trained Advocate and second graduate (after the short-lived Mudavadi) in the history Kenya of Kenya to be appointed the 10th and the last Vice President of Kenya from 2007 to 2013.

In his long career as a politian, diplomat and legal practitioner (and it is 40 years today since his admission to the bar in 1979), Kalonzo has always been the ultimate gentleman and a peacemaker per excellence. Not to mention, for a man who has achieved nearly the impossible from so austere a background, to this day Kalonzo exudes rare humility and has no scandal to his good name.

There is no doubt the bar will obviously be the richer with admission of H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka to the roll of Senior Counsel. Kalonzo has excelled in blending his legal learning with extensive political experience and rare statesmanship to achieve unprecedented results in public service. A case in point is the midwifing of the peace deal in South Sudan that saw the birth of the youngest state in Africa.

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It must never be forgotten that it was during Kalonzo’s stint as Leader of Government Business that the Draft Constitution that became the Constitution of Kenya 2010 went through 10th Parliament through consensus and negotiations spearheaded by Hon Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kalonzo also played a pivotal role in realizing the “Nusu Mkate” Regime as well as steering Kenya away from the horrors of post-election violence of 2008 as the Vice President of Kenya. Indeed, Kalonzo should be congratulated alongside President Kibaki for the peaceful handover of power to President Uhuru in 2013 without incidents

Even in Opposition, Kalonzo has always carried himself with the decorum that befits his station as a Senior Advocate. Maybe that is what his many critics mistake as lack of “unpolished aggressiveness” that is bane of many a politicians in Kenya.

Kalonzo’s finest hour as an Counselhas come of age and was always ready to put his bar oath ahead of political expediency came on 30th January 2018 when he refused to show up for “the swearing in” despite pressure from millions of his supporters. This is a classic example of what it means when on admission to the bar advocates swear to, at all times, uphold the rule of law and administration of justice and to discharge their duties without fear or favor.

By choosing to put law and order in Kenya first and the peace of millions of Kenyans ahead of his own political advantage and to uphold the rule of law even when that meant appearing weak in the eyes of his many “unlearned” friends and supporters, Kalonzo joined the ranks of the few Advocates in this country who in the line of duty have chosen to live by example even when it was costly so to do.

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And this is not the first time Kalonzo was choosing the narrow path to glory: if everyone else followed the example of Kalonzo and conceded defeat in 2008, maybe we would never have lost over one thousand innocent lives. Even in Kitui School where he went to went for O-levels, Kalonzo has always had the reputation as someone who always does the right thing whatever the costs.

For the record, I am not a member of Wiper Party and there is so much I disagree with Kalonzo on matters of politics. But as a legal practitioner and Kalonzo’s very young learned friend (he was admitted to the bar 3 years before I was born), I have no doubt that Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka fits the bill for admission to the Roll of Senior Counsel of Kenya. I wish to congratulate him in advance on this milestone.