History has a way of repeating itself, Makueni County Assembly and Governor Kibwana are at it again. Conflict over allowances has led to another stand of.

When i said Kibwana is a backbiter, a deceiver and arm-twister most of the current MCAs in Makueni County said i was disrespecting their Governor. Am now enjoying my coke and pop corn as i watch the drama unfold. They are all over calling him the same names they were not comfortable with me calling him.

Kibwana fought the first County Assembly but since they were not MCAs by then they kept quiet.Kibwana fought Musoma but since they are not activists they kept quiet. Kibwana fought Kalonzo but since they are not Presidential aspirants they kept quiet. Kibwana fought Mutula Jr but since they are not Senators they kept. Kibwana fought Maanzo but since they are not MPs they kept quiet. Now he has come for them when there is nobody to defend them.

Those who Kibwana used to fight us are now the ones shouting loudest. They succeeded to help Governor Kibwana fight and bring down the last Assembly so that they can replace the likes of Ng’elu and Musso, they succeeded. Speaker Mbilu who then as Chief Of Staff collected signatures to pettition dissolution of the county is now seeking the help from the former speaker and majority leader he claimed wanted to shoot him dead. Kathonzweni MCA Francis Mutungi the only MCA who survived the 2017 election that threw away all former MCAs is now the loudest. He is shamefully fighting the man he protected with his life.

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This is Hypocrisy of the highest order, they are fighting Kibwana just to show Kalonzo they are in solidarity with Wiper coz elections are near and they need tickets. Whey did they remain silent when Kibwana fought the Party? Kibwana used Speaker Mbilu’s younger brother Dalton Mbondo to lay a trap for my arrest in 2018 and Majority Leader Kyalo Mumo is the man who helped DCI officers to positively identify me, he was at the site but said nothing.I was accused of being paid by Wiper to paint Kibwana as a corrupt person but only Wiper lawyers came for my rescue. The MCAs are now telling us Kibwana is corrupt, i dont dispute that but my question is “Why now?”.


Our political prophet James Orengo once said “Sometimes governments eat their own people” Kibwana is now eating his own. He feels vulnerable coz reality has dawned, he is at the empty bascket stage. Truth be told it is Kibwana who made them what they are today but they have deserted him, probably deserve it to learn the hard way. I believe Makueni County has money to pay MCAs their salaries and allowances but the old man will not let their sins go unpunished.

While i don’t agree with Kibwana’s narrative that Kalonzo has instructed MCAs to fight him, i will not defend the Assembly from him. They never stood with the Party or it’s footsoldiers when it mattered most.