Why Huduma Namba registration should be a continuous process


By Guest contributor

Huduma number registration process is a good thing that must be supported by all kenyans Nevertheless, the registration should be a continuous exercise if the government means well.

If the government has not stopped registration of identity cards, registration of voters, registration of passports and so on, it shouldn’t stop huduma number registration Mbuvi Kasina added.

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There shouldn’t be a deadline and I don’t see the need for the deadline. In any case the government, it has enough authentic data to plan for anything it wants to implement.

The life of a nation is a continuous process; people are continuously being born and at the same dying. The demographic structure/transition currently in place may change in ten or so years and this is an important element in the planning of any serious government.

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The government has said it will not extend the registration period after the lapse of 45 days since the registration drive started.