Why former President Kenyatta should hang his Boots



A Former President should retire from active politics six months after leaving office! It’s as simple as that, it’s unsettling to see the former head of state being embarrassed every single day.

The Presidential Retirement Benefits Act that states the above was signed by none other than H.E Uhuru Kenyatta himself.

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Though Kenya is a democratic state Everyone can do whatever they want, but it will be very difficult for his lawyers to convince a judge that He is still the Jubilee Party leader.

The Bill that He assented into law forced him out of The Jubilee party affairs on the latest April, that’s a fact.

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Though like any other Kenyans, He can continue political statements like all of us, Those engagements have no legal bearing. Fact.

Even if He decides to register a new political party today, That move will be quashed by ORPP & Judiciary unless “The Presidential Retirement Benefits Act” is amended
That is my simple interpretation…

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The advisors of the former head of state should give him the right counsel if they are genuine with him. I was the former president today. I SHOULD JUST HANG MY BOOT and retire from active politics.

The number of people around him is not sincere.