Why Dr Wathe Remains Embodiment of Peace Politically



Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau has been voted by netizens as an epitome of peace and tranquillity in the lower Eastern, politically.

Wathe Nzau who has been the most loyal Supporter of his boss the Governor of Kitui has continued to win banquet of praises from citizens for working closely with his boss, the Governor Ngilu.

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Despite pressure from Governor’s Men to brand Him as Disloyal Deputy Governor, Wathe has continued to exhibit truth and trust among the people of kitui county.

Dr wathe’s Political future is pregnant according to the political pundits in kitui and beyond.

Acknowledging the boss and respecting her has earned him a big name in kitui, Naturally, deputy Governors across the country have suffered ruthlessly under their Rogue bosses.

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Kitui Governor Ngilu introduces Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau to Rt Hon Raila Odinga, during the launch of Kitui affordable housing program in kitui last week.

Dr. Wathe has fearlessly called for the inclusion of Mwingi County & extra 2-3 Constituencies from proposed 70 in the BBI document.

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