Why direction and beliefs fight each other


The directions of belief and thinking are opposite. Belief is blindness; thinking is finding one’s own eyes.
Whoever is bound in belief can never think. Neither a Hindu, nor a Jaina, nor a Buddhist, nor a Christian, nor a Communist, can think; his belief is his bondage. Since thinking may destroy his beliefs, he prefers not to think.

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People living in the darkness of belief slowly become incapable of coming into the light of thinking. Their eyes become incapable of seeing anything but darkness. And they are training their children in this darkness so that they do not need to accept that they are blind themselves. It is convenient this way – to believe that they are right.

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By being blinded with belief, children are deprived of their eyes forever.

Whenever some child is able to save his eyes, in spite of this collective conspiracy, it is well known what they do with him. They do what they have done with Socrates and with Christ.