Why Did Ukambani Cultural Singers Abandon Dr Kalonzo?


This song by Mwingi North popular Soloists has left Kalonzo wounded and exposed. Looking at Muvisi now paints a different picture from the Kalonzo of the 1990’s and early the 2000s. If this song had been sang in the early 2000s, it would have been responded by better and sweeter songs by the following artistes.

Musyoka wa Maiu (Nguni, Mwingi): Kimanzi wa Kilaa (Tseikuru, Mwingi): Aunt Zambi wa Muasya (Ukasi, Mwingi): Mama Mwimbi (Mui, Mwingi): Mama Kavila and Mama Kaaki (Mutito & Endau): Chendwa (Nuu) and finally Mama Monicah (Mutomo). But they cannot respond because they were used & dumped.

When Senator Kiio is defending Kalonzo he should ask himself where are following Kalonzo

men of the brighter days: Where is Hon Joe Mutambu (funded Wiper to the spoon), Hon Musila (party chair), Hon Kiema Kilonzo (Once Kalonzo footsoldier), Lloyd Masika (dumped for prof Kibwana) and lastly Maluki Kitili Mwendwa (denied Wiper ticket yet his father funded Kshs 40,000 in the by-election of 1985). You will know in 2022 nominations.

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Aaya, tumeni Katiwa sasa anitukane kama kawaida.

Aggrey Nzomo, Endau & Engamba Belt Historian