By John killu

My opinion is based on situational theory and a lot of emphasis on the Normative decision theory by Victor Vroom and Philip Yetton.It is now very clear that the COVID-19 Pandemic has come as a disruption to each and every activity of mankind.

We have seen economies scramble, people working from home arrangement, which is known as flex time working models in advanced levels, courts ceasing operations and schools closing at earliest possible.

But I choose to dwell on the other side of the coin and which will act as a critique to the Normative Decision Theory which posits that optimum amount of time and group input is key in any decision.

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Given the situation we are in as a country, there are very little time and no gatherings, this leaves those who thrive on corruption and insecurity severely wounded. These characters have been dealt a major blow by the Corona Virus Pandemic since they have to retreat to their homes in fear of the disease.

The situation has also made it unbearable for the thugs and muggers who have always enjoyed and unleashed terror to hard-working innocent Kenyans since they can’t remain in the streets and roam freely after the government imposed a curfew. Am confident that by the time the Pandemic is fully managed, the cases of insecurity and corruption will have gone down by almost 90% since the money for development of the third quarter will be channelled to COVID-19 kitty.

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Disruptions are sometimes healthy, If one day you had advised the church that there will come a time whereby we will not gather at churches for prayers and that we will pray from home, many would have said you mad and a prophet of doom.

Also if you had informed the public a day is coming whereby you will never shake hands and never share a table and a social distance will be observed, they could have told you that you mad. Could this be a new world order? We are yet to conclude.