OPINION: The Law Decrees Chinese Contractors To Pay for Materials Costs



The Chinese owned company, tasked with developing the Kitui-Kibwezi is required by law to pay the cost of materials to the County governments.

This must be done without any complications or red tape bureaucracy.

INFRASTRUCTURE: A ballast site at Mutomo manufactured by the company doing Kitui-Kibwezi road. The law decrees State-owned companies to pay for material costs. PHOTO/COURTESY

The company is said not to have paid county government any single cent for Mutomo stone rock they used to manufacture ballast.

The contractors are alleged to have compromised elected who residents accused them of the harassment to poor locals when they demand compensation. Homes have been destroyed, several marked for demolitions.

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Any contractor is required by law to pay the cost of materials according to county governments they are undertaking their work in line with Bill of quantity.

Why are the Chinese blaming the county government when they are Invoiced to pay for the cost of materials as per the law?

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Kanha, The Contractor met the Governor Of kitui Charity Ngilu and it was agreed that the cost of materials will be compensated why are they crying now?

“If the company doing the road want to dispute, let them show what the Road BQ reads, if it has no cost of materials, they should be allowed to operate freely.

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File picture; administration Officials, county officials and company officials at kisasi in one of meeting.

The county resources are sand and ballast and by law, the company is required to meet the county government requirements, There is no shortcut on the county government requirements.