Why Bonie Musambi Is the Next Mp Kitui central



    As Kitui Central political fever continues to gather steam, celebrated KBC News anchor BONNIE MUSAMBI influence, nobility and intelligence is causing sleepless nights to his competitors across the Constituency, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

    The decorated media personality whose talents, training, education, environment and experience stands him a good chance with electorate, continues to win not only hearts but the minds-politik across the Constituency.

    Is Bonnie Musambi’s grand entry into elective politics jolting the Kitui Central Constituency 2022 politics to the core? Is he The One we have been waiting for?

    On Saturday, Bonnie Musambi sponsored a hundrends of Boda boda riders from different parts of Kitui Central with modern reflectors and gave a talk on Youth Leadership and Empowerment.

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    The brief interactions were top notch, touching on important matters on youth funds, BBI and most importantly road safety.

    “Everyone including the President likes his charisma. He regales his friends with advice. He is more frank and outspoken than any other politician around.

    He makes many friends by his obvious openness and his capacity for seeing the interesting details which others overlook” said Yohana Kimwele, a media personality in KITUI.

    Musambi, who has thrown his hat in the ring is a true definition of True Leader in Kitui Central whom electorates wish to give the mantle of representation and leadership.

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    BONNIE MUSAMBI is go getter and sufficiently gifted to rise to the heights. His determination in leadership is non-negotiable;

    “Musambi does not permit little things to interfere with his love for his people’ said a close associate who spoke to COUNTY DIARY.

    He is suave, he is loved and hated by his competitors in equal measure, he is a consensus oriented leader who believes in equity, accountability and participation toward improved governance and proper implementation of policies – everyone seems to say.

    As Ken Wamaria says, Dalili sya Maundu, BONNIE MUSAMBI is making his competitors go back to the drawing board.

    So brace up for the Son from Kilukuyu in Mulango who is destined to be the next member of Parliament for Kitui Central.