Why All Kambas Must Travel Upcountry For CENSUS 2019


By Jm Musoma

The Census is here but are you aware that it is a potent tool we can use to attract more resources and spur development Ukambani?

I ask all members of South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB) to desist from the ongoing institutional revenue allocation wars and use that energy to rally their electorate residing in diaspora Counties to take annual leaves or designated off duties so that they can partake census exercise at home. So what are the merits? How does it affect you or your welfares in Kamba Nation?

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Census is a National tally conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) after every ten years. The analysis of these statistics is a key factor in determination of development agendas to ensure that the principle of equity and equality is observed allocation and distribution of National resources. According to the Commission Of Allocation of Revenue, population is a compound component in deriving the formula of appropriating funds to devolved units.It serves as basis for adequate policy planning on devolved functions in Counties. It directly affects service delivery coz we can only plan for what our County Governments accrue from the national cake in addition to local revenue collection and donor funding which may not be substantive.

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For example in the health sector census reveals the current trend of fertility and mortality to help in calculating growth rate to aid in preparation of budgets. Census also reveals our demographic age, gender and religious compositions which aid in prioritization during provision of basic or social amenities in respect to the disparities. By being counted at our region Ukambani counties will get more funding and spur economic growth coz will get enough for infrastructural development and service delivery. North Eastern Counties have been illegally riding on our revenue shoulders after tactically inflating their tally in the last census.

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Other communities now have structured mechanisms and are busy lobbying for facilitation in massive transfers of population ahead if census,while our leaders gamble for enumerator slots to favour family members. This is a wake up call, we better rise up to the occasion lest we suffer for another decade.

Thank you

Musoma JM.
(The Man of Chronicles)

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