Why Advocate Nyamu’s Senatorial Candidature for Kitui Stands Tall


OPINION:The Notable and celebrated lower eastern Region Advocate By the Name Mati Nyamu is expected to be the Next senator of kitui if plans go as plans.

Nyamu will need pull 100K votes from Larger Mwingi, and collect at least 10K votes from other constituencies.

To pull Mwingi together, Nyamu needs a find a cause to sell to the people… Why is it important for Mwingi that Nyamu should become Senator.

The biggest impediment to Nyamu’s quest for Kitui County Senatorship is the little matter of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Wiper Democratic Party, Nevertheless Lawyer Nyamu is expected to Overcome.

That both the party and the SKM brand is a force to reckon with in the greater Mwingi region cannot be overemphasized. Equally, Mati’s family and SKM will have to sit down and agree.

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This not-so-cordial relationship will certainly cost Nyamu significant votes in greater Mwingi region, which is not only his backyard and his richest voting block but also the most bankable bet.

This factor alone, I am afraid, will significantly complicate his bid. Perhaps the solution lies in building the relationship first. My 2 cents, Advocate Musyimi said.

Nevertheless, Advocate Nyamu⁩ Senatorial Quest, which is very timely and ought to be supported by all of us who which Mwingi North well, I wish to submit as follows:-

No need to overreach to the converted: Mwingi North would welcome Nyamu Senatorship, anytime, any day.
We need to release Nyamu as Mwingi North to go out there to win the rest of Kitui County knowing that we have accepted him as our candidate.

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I submit that even an event should be arranged where Mwingi North Wazee and Leaders can anoint Nyamu to go out there with our blessings knowing we are 100% behind him.

He Needs to build critical mass in rest of Mwingi: Mwingi Central and Mwingi West (we need to make sure Nyamu is the only serious Senate candidate from larger Mwingi). Of course, I believe friendships of Nyamu with likes of Ben Kitungi & Eric Mutua will go far.

He Needs to get crucial endorsement: Senate seat was ours, Nyamu Team needs to reach out to pillars across Kitui for buy-in, added Advocate Paul.

If Senator Musila can endorse Nyamu the better. Mwingi leaders especially the MCAs and MPs need to be judged on how they support the Nyamu Cause.

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Need for Kitui-wide Coalition Building: By now Nyamu Team should be telling us they shall be aligned with which Gubernatorial Team to deliver the Senate Seat. We need to study Governor, DG, WR and MCA candidates to know who can help harvest votes for Nyamu out there.

Need to build a County-Wide System: Senatorship rides mainly on branding, many people will not know the candidate personally… Social media marketing is very key.

Need to give Mwingi People a Reason: For Nyamu to win Kitui Senator, he needs to convince lager Mwingi to vote to a man for him.