Why a Real Woman will Never Compete Men


A real woman, a woman who has discovered the essence of her womanhood, the self realized woman, has no need to compete with men or a man.

She doesnt have that need in her. She is content and happy to be a woman and so she lets the man to be a man. She has no desire at all to put him “in his place”.

She knows even if he has not yet discovered his natural place which is his birthright, he is on the way and soon he will get there. She even helps him to accelerate his ascendancy to his rightful throne.

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The women you see boasting of how their men follow them or how they discipline them and such are the mediocre immature ones. Dont dignify mediocrity by resisting or even noticing it.

So is the same for the real man, the self realised man. This man doesnt feel the need to compete with a mediocre woman.

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He doesnt go gossiping her or complaining about her childishness and her emotionalism and mental immaturity.

He is beyond trading insults back and forth with a woman. He is self posessed and doesnt feel threatened by the low level antics of the mediocre woman.


He fully understands himself and so he understands the woman. He helps to calm her down because he sees through her and the source of her agitation or braggadocio born out of inferiority.

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There is nothing amazing to behold as a union of a self posessed man and a self posessed woman. Because there is no trace of fear between them, love and intimacy flow naturally and spontaneously.

Am telling you to put more efforts at self knowledge and meditatiom otherwise these words will remain just that, mere words.