Where is this Country Ending to? The straight talk


Straight Talk

By Katunda Kingangi

Where is this country ending?? If gold scammers and smugglers can freely use the name president and Raila Odinga to con people and walk freely then we are giving this country to dogs?

It shows that Kenya has become just one enterprise of criminals and any serious investor will avoid Kenya like plague. The institution by name of the presidency must be respected by all means. It’s the heart of Kenya. Using the name of the presidency by criminals to commit crimes and walk freely it shows how rotten the country is.

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Why are criminals finding it easy to use the name of the president to commit crimes?? Just the other day somebody called a very serious investor in the country and pretending to be president conned him over 30million and nothing has been done to him.

It’s high time leaders must get serious with lives of Kenyans and especially the youths, because right now we don’t have investors in this country due to corruption. Corruption has denied youths jobs, unemployment has reached the boiling point, no more opportunities for the young generation.

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Poor Kenyans are overtaxed daily to service national debt which entirely has ended up in few individuals.i can see volcano coming. Am telling you if the president will not take charge of the country seriously I foresee revolution. It’s high time the youths stand still and strong to protect the future of this country. We can compete for anything else but we can’t allow leaders to compete to steal from poor Kenyans.

The writer is a law school student from kitui east.