When They Talk about you its means you are On top


The lower cannot be aware of the higher. That is one of the fundamental laws of life – only the higher knows the lower because he has passed from the lower.

If people are not talking about you in the society then its clear indication you are doing nothing in life..you need to give cheap minds something to talk about in their idleness of their Mind.

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A larger circle contains all the lesser circles within it, but a smaller circle can’t contain a bigger circle.when they keep discussing you in their cocoons it means you are miles away from your peers

When you are standing on the sunlit mountain peak, you know everything down in the valley. The valley people may not be aware of you at all, it is not possible for them.

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The valley has its own occupations, its own problems. Its own challenges, The valley is preoccupied with its own darkness and its light.

The high you go the cooler the lives becomes the more you will face stiff opposition probably from your folks, naturally, people don’t wish to see their friends making it.

People will never talk about those people who have failed in life, nowhere you will be called to explain how you failed in life.

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Leadership is like rugby ball as long as you have it, they must run after you not necessarily knowing how to score, don’t mind fools in life, be focused on your goals.

Think about it.