When Oversight Courts Intimidation and harassment of CECs! . part 3


By Barack Muli

1. How does a well meaning committee remove from the budget money already committed for payment of workers, statutory deductions yet these are mandatory payments???

2. Why can’t MCAs read reports from the Executive or use their power when summoning CECMs to understand and make informed decisions?

3. As it is now, they may not even be aware that the county is owed kshs. 1.3 Billion by KRA tax liability for unpaid dues from 2013 to 2017!!!!!

4. They have quarterly financial reports, budget implementation reports and all necessary information they need and this has always been provided promptly.__ But they have no time and room to discuss serious financial matters that will affect county programmes! Ama ni tender wanataka!!?

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5. How can MCAs cut budget allocations and put money where they want and claim that the budget is unbalanced after noticing that where they removed it was a higher priority???

6. Isn’t water provision and health care the number one and two priorities for kitui county??

7. Why would a budget be returned instead of seeking clarifications from the Executive and correcting what needs to be corrected?….. With all the poverty in Kitui surely why not facilitate implementation of development projects?

8. Who says KICOTEC is not in the budget????

9. Does it not have a Kshs. 20 million in the original budget?.

10. Who says it wasn’t planned for?

11. What’s wrong with submitting a supplementary proposal to add more money to it if the initially allocated amount was insufficient?


12. What’s wrong with anchoring a wealth creation programme under a ministry?

13. Must it be a corporation?!!!!!!

14. Are our reps now aware most corporations started as departments?!!

15. Isn’t KICOTEC a bright idea?

16. Why is the whole country praising Kitui for its creativity in wealth creation?

17. What law has been broken?Kitui people should not be fooled..It’s in the public domain that the CECM is being impeached due to her firmness.As a close observer of both Assembly and Executive I can confirm this without an iota of doubt.

18. Can one of the MCAs come out straight and tell us what exactly she has stolen to warrant removal from office?Drama is awaited this week as all these and others come to light.

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19. How can a small Assembly like Kitui with only 54 MCAs and a huge budget of over Kshs. 1 Billion keep blackmailing Executive to pay trips to Mombasa and abroad,and boastfully claim on the floor of an honorable house (those looking for hard truth can confirm from the Hansard of Thursday) that they can call any CECM within the strike of a finger to even Rwanda leave alone Mombasa?

Honourable MCAs…..this is UNWARRANTED!!!!!!

We are watching and we shall tell you and everyone the truth Kama kuna mtu ameiba there are ways of dealing with them not shouting kwa bunge kama watu hawajui sheria!!!,


Refute this if i lied!!!!!!!

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa! Have a fruitful day. See you.