By Steve Mutua.

The success or failure of our relationships hangs on the proper understanding and existential reality of both: emotional strength and pure egoism.

It is easy to confuse both and to mistake one for the other. However if you are keen on being a person of integrity, it is easy to get to that fine balancing point between both.

Because egoism is a more ever present danger, understanding it is easier. To know the false as false is the dawning of the Truth. There is no need to study what is the Truth. You are the Truth. All that can be known is only the false as the false.

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So how does egoism show up in our relationships? Bluntly, anything which is not in harmony with our truth is egoistic. How does it manifest? It manifests by expression of negative energy! Dont think negative energy as simply being aggressive. No! Negative energy can also be expressed passively. If it feels bad, whether expressed or repressed, it is negative energy.

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The essence of positive energy is its PURITY. This can be anger, affection or any other of myriad emotions we are capable of generating. Pure energy never harms anyone, you or to whom you are expressing it to. Use this criteria.

Emotional strength is the capacity to feel purely and to express clearly. It has nothing to do with suffering in silence. It is a sign of maturity.

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Egoism has all to do with self consciousness and self denial. You can only know it was egoism after you go beyond it.