What Any Youthful Person Must Know Going forward.



There has been a debate around youth leaders and their activities visa vise leadership on every sector, allow me to put down something having observed the trend for sometimes.

The so called kitui youths should know that your not going to be a youth forever.. MUTUMIA NI KIVISI KIANAA, AN ELDER IS A GROWN UP YOUTH.. Some of our youths are well schooled n have been empowered with knowledge n displine to soldier on with life even without getting into proper employment…

However I pity the way majority of them think, Many thinks can get easy money without hard work n real struggle, THERE IS NO EASY MONEY… let our youths learn to get into whatever form of income generating activity, from small business, to social interprenuership rather than seat n wait for government tenders, yet some have no capacity to work on the said Tenders…let’s our Youth lesrn to engage with outmost respects

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Kitui business people will tell you for free that they endured years of real struggle in patience n hard work n shame to get to their present status.

…. success can’t come over night ……let’s imitate our brothers from central, young kikuyus in the streets of Nairobi … they never boost in qualificatins instead they do what they can do to generate income….. stop getting lazy soon your out of the youth bracket …n you will realize the much time you wasted…

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The youths who don’t have college education are much far better than their counterparts who claim to possess degrees.. n it’s the way they take up any job that come their way without pride or feeling intimidated….

When the youths without college education go selling eggs n vegetables to their clients ( much respect for such hard working young enterprenuers), those with college education are out demonstrating n demanding big money….

How will you go out seeking employment from them as u boost with your qualifications…it’s high time our youth learned that the reason we go to school is to train us not to get into cheap n easy cash but to learn to respect any source of income

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The county diary blog will always discourage idleness, goonism those who use their brains are far much better than those idling on social Media to look for cheap publicity and money, let’s our youth use what they learnt from their colleges to explore more opportunities rather than being used by politician

Let our Young people raise up and be busy making money Rather than waiting for.free lunch…don’t do politics 24/7 … opportunities will be given to you but the only way as a youth is to learn to work with your own hands….