President Uhuru’s right hand man Peter Muthoka has finally ditched Jubilee for Wiper and pledged to fund Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka’s dream to become the head of state in 2022. However he maintained that the former Vice President must work with the Kikuyu community to achieve his dream.

While addressing a section of Ukambani leaders during the annual community consultative meeting at Musyoka’s Yatta farm, the chief Jubilee strategist pledged to support the Wiper Party leader to succeed Kenyatta. The tough speaking tycoon said that leaders from other communities have been using Kamba votes to attain power only to sideline the community’s interest in development and public appointments.

“I have been approached by many communities to fund and strategize their own but this time round i will give priority to the son of our soil”. Said Muthoka. He lamented that the Kamba Nation is sufferig a “Near to Success Syndrome” where previous regimes and Presidents have used the bright minds from the community to attain or retain power
but arm twist them when it comes their turn to climb the ladder.

He intimated that his support for Uhuru was based on a gentleman’s agreement that he will consider Kambas in top National appointments which he has partially honoured. He said that for Musyoka to become President Wiper needs several elected leaders to carry out his grassroot campaigns without minding losing their seats.

The billionare promised to fund all Wiper Candidates for all elective seats from MCA all the way to Presidential.

The flamboyant business man is a very close friend of the Kenyatta family an has been the engine behind Jubilee’s financial muscles and success in 2013 and 2017 polls. The weathy guru has been solely funding the ruling party but there seems to be more than what meets the eye considering that the Deputy President is seeking to fly the Party’s flag in 2020.

While responding to the expanded BBI commitee Dr. Ruto was quoted by a section of media alleging that there was a plan by some technocrats in Jubilee and the Opposition to doctor the report to block his Presidential ambitions.

This comes shortly after Senate Majority leader took a swipe on ODM leader Raila Odinga asking him and President Uhuru to explain to Kenyans the hidden agenda in the extension of BBI time lines during a funeral in Nyanza.

Most people in the tangatanga side of the sharply divided ruling Party have vowed to opposed any further amendments on the BBI report released to public at Bomas last month. This comes against the backdrop of wide allegations that Uhuru and Raila are grooming a surprise candidate as reported early by a section of media.

The President left toungues wagging when he told Mount Kenya leaders that his choice of candidate for 2022 will shock them. Mr. Kenyatta has had a poor working relationship with Ruto as they more than often take a differing stance on issues. Members of Ruto’s tangatanga team recently accused four Cabinet secretaries Kenyatta’s Mount Kenya region of planning to assasinate the DP.

This leaves people guessing if Uhuru is grooming Kalonzo for a ceremonial Presidency? or is Kalonzo setting stage for Uhuru to bounce back in government as a powerful Prime Minister.

Sources intimated that the newly expanded BBI team is considering the possibility of having a powerful Prime Minister a position that matches what Kalonzo told the gathering.

“The Prime Minister i have in mind is a powerful one appointed from the majority party in Parliment. If that happens to be Uhuru Kenyatta i will appoint him” said the Wiper leader. ” In 2022 i will be where Uhuru Kenyatta will be, he is doing a great in the war on corruption” Musyoka added noting that by the grace of God the community will not be seated outside the fence in the next government regime.

President Uhuru had previously held a meeting with Gema leaders at Sagana lodge and asked them to support a BBI with a powerful Prime Minister hinting that he might have interest in the said position. ” Think of it deeply, if that Prime Minister was me, will you not support it?” Kenyatta possed a rhetoric.

However Kalonzo warned the community to be aware of spoilers from Kamba land who want to misinterprate his position to mislead the community for personal gain. “I will be on the front line with Uhuru, Raila and other like minded people in B.B.I reforms but there are those who want to push me from the high table” the former Vice President warned. ” We are here to look in to what is eating Kamba Nation.

Everytime we are about to be on throne they make me diarehea but tell them today we have the medicine to that diarehea ” he added.

He asked the Kamba community to forget that Muthoka was a rival coalition in the last elections as they have already made a truce to work with Uhuru. He said that the wealthy business man was now a permanent member of Wiper Party.

Kalonzo has recently fallen out with Muthama who has unsuccessfully pushed the Wiper leader to work with Ruto and made damaging political remarks contrary to the party position.

This sentiments were echoed by other leaders including the clergy and legislatures. “We now have a simple swahili version of BBI report that has fewer pages. Go read and help our people in the villages to understand and raise issues like the one our Party Leader has pointed out on the powers of a Prime minister and expansion of executive” Makueni Women Rep Rose Museo charged as the party availed it’s four members who are in the now expanded BBI Committee.

Arch Bishop Ndambuki who heads “The Apex” the Ukambani top decision making organ comprising of all clan elders, church leaders, business community and the South Eastern Economic Block (SEKEB) said that the Kamba Community needs to reconcile with itself lest it fails to achieve their social economic and political goals and languish in abject poverty.

On her part Wiper Deputy Party Leader Shakila Mohamed said the community should pride in having a respected leader who can seat at the National Negotiation table and avoid conflict of interests. Speaker after speaker they told the party leader not to settle for less than Presidency.