We Must work for Our People -Ngilu


Sun, 14th July, 2019.

By Gabriel Ndereva

Kyuso Mwingi North.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Sunday said she will continue working towards achieving devolution works in the county amid the many challenges facing the devolved governments.

Speaking at New Apostolic Church – Gai in Kyuso Mwingi North, where she joined faithfuls for a church service.

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Governor Ngilu said she will step up efforts of realizing her manifesto to improve the lives of the residents.” My people elected me to execute service leadership.

“I will not stop for anything less – at the end, elected leaders will showcase their development record” she said.She further said she will keep on pushing for her resolve to achieve development for the Kitui people – no matter the hurdles faced on the path to progress.

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Ngilu also touched on the education sector saying her government will support students who transferred from national schools due to lack of fees to guarantee their stay in school.

The governor maintained that Kitui County Textile Centre that employs hundreds of youths will remain operational to ensure the county’s manufacturing vision is reached.