Wiper Democratic Movement Party Leader HE.DR. Kalonzo Musyoka should never deputize any Presidential aspirant in Kenya.Having served in government for 30 years as MP, Minister and Vice President, Kalonzo has an immeasurable wealth of experience public finance management and knowledge in governance.

The African Union Envoy for Peace who has previously mediated peace talks in countries like Congo,Sudan and Somalia is a highly sought diplomat in the globe.

He is undoubtedly the most respected Kenyan citizen outside the country. He has previously been tasked by United Nations to overseen elections and resolve electoral disputes in several countries.

You can only compare him with the likes of Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Koffi Annan or Nelson Mandela. He is a restorer of human dignity, defender of human rights, advocate of National Values, crusader of peace and a reconciliation champion of all times.

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Hate him or love him Dr. Musyoka is a man of wits; he chooses his battles wisely and never lets go a worthy cause. Unlike many leaders he is not the type of with appetite for public resources or greedy for power. He has made humility his strategy and his rivals will never succeed to punch him coz his reputation defends him a big way.

If you want to lose easily pick a fight with Kalonzo, his silence will deal you a blow. Your ignorance will turn you from the culprit to the victim. Kalonzo is a man of peace, he cannot hurt a fly.

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Kalonzo is a hero, a man who understands family values. While other power thirsty politicians tried to radicalise the Nation by imposing embargo, economic Sabotage and secession threats after 2017 polls, he ate a humble pie chose to seat next to his hailing wife in hospital. History has it that he was the first leader to call for a ceasefire dialogue between the opposition and government.

Now that President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to vacate office we don’t have any other person who can match the leadership of Musyoka. Against all odds Kenyans should rise up from ethnic instigated political opinions and come to a realization of the truth.

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We need a leader who can unite this country not a chest thumbing person who will use bravado or fear mongering to contain us and gatherer not a looter of public coffers.

We cannot allow Kalonzo to play a second fiddle to anyone in any coalition arrangement. He cannot deputize anyone but they can deputize him coz he is not their equal.

How you will use this information is up to you but remember your tribe or clan cannot solve your problems. We need servant leadership and a faithful custodian of public funds.

Happy new year, vote wisely.