We can’t allow Camels from Garrisa to Terrorize OUR People in Kitui – Mp Mbai


Kitui East Members of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai have led Netizens In condemning gruesome Murder of a young man in Mutha over the weekend.

This must stop! It’s barbaric and overtaken by time! A solution must be found either way! In solidarity!

The kenya kwanza supremo from kitui has condemned the gruesome murder of a young man in Mutha, kitui South and vowed to lead the people of Mutha to chase away Camels from kitui county.

The Legislator took to his social Media site.

“This is our brother, killed in cold blood by Somali Camel Herders in Mutha, Kitui County”

My question, how on earth can we have Camels in Mutha, Kitui South all the way from Garissa.

Andu maitu, “thina ndwonasywaa methoi”

As Jesus shed his blood to save us, our brother’s blood has been shed to save our people from the Camel Herders manace forever.

In the Spirit of shaping the future of Kitui County….THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

I will personally lead the fight to stop this as I have done in Kitui East, I will be in Mutha for the next 5 days, not to ask questions but to deal with the problem.

The future of Kitui County is a County with no Camels in our mothers farms.

Kusaasa Kusaasa.