We are Open to New Coalition Partners Says Kalonzo Musyoka


Wiper will be ready to enter into a cooperation agreement with both Kanu and Jubilee when that time comes. We are open to that.

As Wiper, we are consulting with our coalition partners ODM, ANC, and Ford-Kenya to see what we can do. The country needs to come together at this time in order to unite.

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Wiper had our national executive council meeting virtually and we agreed that we need to open negotiations and be able to move in that direction.

The only thing we need to look at as we work towards this post-election agreement is the legality, as we already have a coalition agreement with Nasa, and the need to promote national coalition.

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Even as we look at the post Covid-19 situation, we must look to the future and we have to prepare ourselves for it. It will not be a coalition agreement, but mainly a cooperation agreement. We are looking at it. It does not necessarily mean killing the opposition. Far from it.