Waziri Kisangau LEADS Matinga Earth Dam 5k Tilapia Stocking Program



On Wednesday, 24th March, 2021 – Kitui CECM for Livestock, Apiculture and Fisheries Development Emmanuel Kisangau has today led the process of stocking Matinga Earth dam in Kitui South Sub County with 5,000 Tilapia Fingerlings (young fish).This program is inline with Governor Charity Ngilu’s first Agenda of Food and Water.

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The committee members received the Fish project with a lot joy and proposed a “Fish-Eat Campaign Day” to be organized, to help in sensitizing the larger community on value of both the Dam and Fish.

According to CECM Kisangau, this program of stocking Earth dams with 5,000 Fingerlings, will be done in all the 8 Sub Counties in Kitui County, before the end of this week.

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Photo By Charles Muthoka.
Kitui Governor’s Press Service.