Water Conservation; The Mystery of Sand Dams (Mingeeto) in Kitui County


The Ministry of Water and Irrigation in kitui County has adopted a high tech approach to Water conservation for irrigation in kitui County. Water conservation is a critical issue in many parts of the world, and the mystery of sand dams, also known as Mingeeto, in Kitui is an ingenious solution to this problem.

The sand dam (Mingeeto) in Kitui, an Idea by Governor Dr Julius Malombe is a remarkable example of forward-thinking governance. This ingenious solution to the recurring drought problem in the region has brought hope and transformed the lives of the locals, the TCD Digital reports.

The sand dam works on a simple principle – it collects and stores rainwater in a natural reservoir created by the dam, which then gradually filters into the sand, making it available for use during the dry season, the chief Officer for Irrigation Madam Gladys Kivoto told the press.


An example of Sand Dam in Kitui. Mukolekya SSD retaining water from upstream.

The County government of kitui through the ministry of water and irrigation department’s initiative has not only provided a sustainable source of water for agriculture and domestic use but has also empowered the community, as they actively participate in the construction and maintenance of the sand dam.

The sand dam project is an excellent example of how the government can address long-standing issues in innovative ways. Instead of relying solely on external aid or short-term solutions, the local government took a proactive approach and provided a sustainable solution to the water scarcity problem.

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The mystery of Governor Malombes Sand Dam (Mingeeto) In the arid Kitui region has left both locals and experts puzzled as Governor continue to win accolades for bringing remarkable solutions to perennial water shortage in kitui County.

Sand dams are low-cost, low-tech structures built across seasonal riverbeds to capture and store rainwater.The process involves creating a barrier of sand and stones, which allows water to infiltrate and recharge underground aquifers.

This method effectively addresses the water scarcity challenges faced by the community, as it not only provides a sustainable source of water but also prevents the runoff of rainwater during heavy rainfall seasons.Sand dams have proven to be an effective and sustainable water conservation solution in Kitui.

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In addition to storing water, they also improve water quality by filtering out impurities, ensuring the community has access to clean and safe drinking water. Moreover, the construction of sand dams is a County Government effort, fostering a sense of ownership and unity within the community.

The mystery behind the effectiveness of sand dams lies in their simplicity. This low-tech solution not only conserves water but also requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective and sustainable approach to water conservation that can be replicated in other water-stressed regions globally.

Overall, the mystery of sand dams in Kitui is a testament to the power of county government-led initiatives and innovative solutions to address the pressing issue of water scarcity.

Mungeeto in Waita ward, Mwingi Central

An example of Sand Dam (Mungeeto) in kitui.