Waita Ward Aspirant Japheth M Muthui aka Kanzuli gives his views on BBI


OPINION BY JAPHETH M MUTHUI aka KANZULIHere is Take on BBI.I am for the increase in revenue to the counties to 35% and a mandatory gender balance in political offices.

I also support the Ward Fund which will bring projects closer to our people.I am also for a 1/3 gender rule in parliament and senate but this should be done without creating non relevant posts.

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Personally, I feel the issue of A ceremonial president and an executive PM who can be fired by the president needs to be re looked.Let us bring inclusivity and reach out to all major political players.

The BBI should also address vast counties , constituencies and wards in a bid to bring services closer to the people.I would have wished to see corruption classified as a capital offence making it nearly impossible to loot public coffers.

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Let our people go through and voice their views in an open and free environment.(Mr. Japheth M Muthui aka Kanzuli is is The Popular Aspirant And The Front Runner for Waita Ward MCA 2022.