Veteran Journalist Muthengi Ndagara Wins Tharaka Ward MCA Seat With Landslide.



Household name and veteran journalist
Muthengi Ndagara has won Tharaka Ward MCA Seat with landslide, COUNTY DIARY reported on Thursday.

Outlining his agenda Hon Muthengi Ndangara, who garnered 2,675 votes flooring four other nondescript competitors said;

“I take this earliest opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the people of Tharaka for giving me the mandate to serve them. I will not disappoint you”

Veteran Journalist Muthengi Ndagara Wins Tharaka Ward MCA Seat With Landslide.

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Tharaka being a minority and the most marginalized community in Kitui County, Hon Muthengi Ndangara has promised a complete turn-around, quipping that his in-tray is full.

“In five years time my mission is to ensure paradigm shift by ensuring tangible development while opening up Tharaka by grading new roads, ensuring water supply in the area through tapping water from Tana river, digging boreholes and excavating more earth dams to amicably settle the perennial water problem that has plagued the area” said the Kitui County legislator.

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“My core duty while at the helm will be mainly to ensure that the Tharaka community, being a minority and a defranchised ward in Kitui county has found its place. Immediately we are sworn I will hit the road running by want tabling a new Minority Bill pegged in law.

The bill, outlines among other issues that there will be guaranteed equalisation of development and employment in the county to forever deal with the issue of Tharaka community being sidelined and defranchised from employment opportunities. The people of Tharaka must get equal and escalated development like other wards in Kitui County” said the MCA.

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Apart from being a budding politician, Hon Muthengi Ndangara is also reknown musician. His hits include. Kathambi, Nairobi, Mbuki, Kairu and Pamela.

He was recognized and rated the best 2022 Rumba hit maker of the year in the country.