Unpacking the gods of KITUI gubernatorial party nominations



Kitui Gubernatorial Wiper Nominations is set again to BREAK the Party in the middle if wiper party boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo will not intervene and broke truce among the candidates.

Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo who has named Kalonzo Musyoka’s son Mr Kelvin Muasya is jostling for the wiper party ticket.

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Former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe who has remained loyal to the party is also jostling for the wiper party ticket.

Hon David Musila who launched his bid on Saturday is said to have given Kalonzo Muskoka ultimatum to be given a direct ticket.

Unpacking the deep-rooted and timing bomb within the wiper party ranks, will Musyoka broke the peace and have one candidate be supported by other party losers? Will the truce be brokered ? Only time will tell.

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In 2017, the party echelons were accused of conducting the shambolic wiper gubernatorial nominations which later affected the party strength in the general election, the results were as day as night.

“If the wiper party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo will not conduct his nominations like ODM, It will be hard to have Governors, ostensibly Kitui Gubernatorial Wiper Nominations will BREAK the Party in the middle.

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