Universities Worldwide Exists to Solve Problems ~Prof Muluvi


By our Reporter

5th December, 2018

There was an heated online debate on Wednesday on popular county WhatsApp group called Kitui Professional Chat, by who is who in kitui county, about the county government of kitui Partnership with South Eastern Kenya University (Seku) On Skills Development.With some people trying to water down the gains made by the county government of kitui on youth trainings programes in Seku,

Universities worldwide Exists to solve Problems… If you happened to be into university and you can’t solve any problem its means you are half baked scholar the group admin said.

Universities and professional institutions have been theoretical for many years. We have all pointed out the need to invest more in practical training than theories, The value chain Specialist top officer in the office of Kitui Governor Dr Temi said during the heated discussion.

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Universities worldwide exists to solve problems facing the people Seku Vice Chancellor Prof Muluvi said during the heated discussion.

The biggest challenge of our time is youth unemployment. Majority of our youth despite having basic formal education, lack technical skills that can enable them be employed or self employed.The programme on skills development for the youth of Kitui county should be supported by everybody.

The world is very competitively We must train our people, create Job opportunities for them like what Kicotec is doing, the garment plant has so far absorbed Over 600 those who have been trained on garment making field, and have them compete with other counties competitively, kitui is the county which is on the move the Governor Ngilu said.

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The word University is derived from the word Universal….“belonging to the masses , what SEKU is doing today with the County Government of Kitui is what the top League Universities ( especially in Europe and America) have been doing for the last 50 years.Regrettably, Kenyan Public Universities have recused to change with the times and that’s why the Country is where it is, today.

The benefits do not have always to be immediate Dr Temi responded into an heated online debate on a popular county WhatsApp called KITUI professional Chat


In fact, these skills are so important.
The rush to convert technical institutions such as polytechnics into universities has killed the supply of intermediary skills and lowered the quality of workmanship, We can all sincerely submit that these sponsorships by the govt of the day will have a long term impact on our society Dr Temi said.

For those that are still not sure what we are doing, I wish to remind you that UoN, Moi, Pwani and SEKU have been competitively contracted by the African Development Bank to each train 1,800 Youth in ICT skills. The SEKU training programme starts in February 2019 ~Prof Muluvi