Unity Call: We Must Exorcise the ghost of Conflict and Intrigues


14th Feb 2019


“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself shall not stand”. Matthew 12:25

Infighting characterised by jealousy, rumour peddling, innuendo and secret undermining of one another within a political organisation poses a great threat to the full realisation of its strategic objectives.

When individuals fail to pull together and exploit their numerical strength through cooperation preferring to “cut one another’s legs”, the organisation cannot stand the onslaught of their competing forces.

This scenario is quite real in the County Government of Kitui. Unbridled competition for the attention of the boss and the resultant rewards is threatening to tear government apart.


However, everyone is important. Like the body, all parts are critical no matter their perceived unimportance.

Contrary to this position, trouble is brewing everywhere as personal interests override the greater good for all. Backbiting, raw envy, open hostility and plotting against one another is becoming endemic.

Sample the following:

1. Are you doing anything that attracts the attention of the Governor?

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2. Are you smart in your area, drawing the envy of layabouts and competitors alike?

3. Have you received recognition from the boss eliciting her praise?

4. Are you doing anything well enough to be publicly acclaimed putting you up on the pedestal shining like the East Star on a dark night?

5. Do you hold an enviable position that commands influence and honour?

6. Is the boss beginning to get cosy with you?

7. Does the boss have confidence in you and your work?

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8. Are you outshining the pretenders to power?

9. Do you possess special skills or character that puts you above the ordinary chaps?

10. Are you just good in whatever you do?

Then your goose is cooked. You are a ripe candidate for innuendo, evil schemes, bad-mouthing, raw beating, character assassination and vilification. The Big Thugs will train their guns on you.

However, Do not fear. Beat them in their own folly. Up your game and pray. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t waver. Let time, the great miracle maker, separate the chaff from the grain.