Unicef Pitch tent In Kitui to document success stories on sanitation


The Unicef and lixil are among partners who have been working in Kitui in conjunction with the County Government of Kitui to support homestead to establish toilets.The team from Unicef and Lixil on Tuesday pitched its tent in kitui to document a success story on sanitation.

The partners through their program has supported several family households with SATO toilets,The UNICEF team led by Mr Jimmy Kariuki and Lixil, Mr Alex Njagi hosted by Kitui Deputy Director of Public Health Mrs faith Mutinda we’re in kitui to document the success story on sanitation and usage of SATO toilet.

The team visited Mr Mbuvi wa kyamia in Mutune location a man living with disability in Kitui Central, installed one big Sato toilet to support the beneficiary in a program called improve toilet today with SATO toilets.

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Speaking after the exercise, Mbuvi the beneficiary thanked the county Government of kitui together with Unicef for donating and installing a sato toilet for him, the TCD Digital reports.

Sanitation is a critical issue in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries, as lack of proper hygiene and sanitation facilities always lead to the spread of diseases and pose serious health risks.

From Mutune, we went to Ndu Ndune CHV one stop Shop in Ikanga, Kitui south to inspect SATO shop Which is run by one of Community health promoter and champion of Sato Toilet.

The residents of ikanga have embraced the sato toilets in every household.In Kitui, UNICEF has been implementing initiatives to improve access to modern Improvised Toilet Known as SATO, clean water sanitation facilities, and proper hygiene practices for the local communities.

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One of the key impacts of UNICEF’s efforts in Kitui has been the increase in access to toilets in every homestead, Many villages in the region had limited access to toilets leading to health problems among the residents.

UNICEF and kitui County Government has been instrumental in the construction of toilets, health care facilities and installing water pumps, providing a sustainable source of clean water for the communities.This has not only improved their overall hygiene but also reduced the risk of waterborne diseases.

Further, UNICEF has also been promoting proper sanitation practices in many parts of Kitui county, it has worked with the local communities to construct household latrines, communal toilets, and handwashing stations.

These facilities have played a crucial role in reducing open defecation and improving overall sanitary conditions. Additionally, UNICEF has conducted extensive awareness campaigns and training programs to educate community members on the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices, such as handwashing.

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These efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in the prevalence of diseases caused by poor sanitation. works in more than 190 countries and territories to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents – and to protect the
In conclusion, UNICEF’s work in Kitui to document a success story on sanitation has been transformative for the local communities.

Through the provision of clean water sources, construction of sanitation facilities, and education on proper hygiene practices, UNICEF has significantly improved the overall sanitary conditions and reduced the incidence of diseases related to poor sanitation.

This success story serves as an example of the positive impact that international organizations like UNICEF can have on the lives of people living in vulnerable communities.