Understanding Kitui Textile Garment Plant ~ kicotex


By Our Reporter

1. Who owns KICOTEX?

Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) is a unit in the Ministry of Trade, Cooperatives and investment. It will soon become a County Corporation with its own Board of Directors.

2. Is KICOTEX a private or public entity?

As a unit in the Ministry, KICOTEC is yet to be a public entity.

3. Are the employees working/earmarked to work at KICOTEX county or private employees?

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They will be county employees until KICOTEC becomes a Corporation capable of employing it’s own staff.

4. Will their salaries be paid from the county exchequer or elsewhere?

Refer to 3

5. Under which county ministry does KICOTEX fall? Trade, Education or Infrastructure?

Refer to 1.

6. If the entity is public, when were tenders for those machines and other machinery advertised and bidded for?

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The tenders were floated in April 2018.

7. What is going to be the real market for KICOTEX products? Ever heard of dead stock?

KICOTEC is a factory to serve the local, national and international markets. At the local level it will focus of uniforms, hospital linen, drapery and commonly used garments. At the national it will compete for national uniforms like for the armed forces, health facilities and specialized garments. KICOTEC will gun for the international markets such as AGOA through the EPZ model.

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God bless our county ..read more on our next episode.