Understanding the True Self,for better Results


By Steve Mutua


If you want to understand people’s behaviour, and yours too, simply ask yourself: “How would I be feeling to act like them?” “What would really make me behave like that”? “What FEELING is behind that behaviour?”

What you feel is the truth behind their behaviour! People are not different at all. The average person is motivated by only two forces: desire and fear. You are also motivated by the same unconcious drives. The best way to raise your conciousness is by understanding that other people reflect you without any errors. Anytime somebody “makes you feel” anything, thats the moment to be aware they are reflecting you. And a reflection is always inverted, that is, their behaviour triggers the opposite polarity of your feeling.

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For example, if somebody makes you feel afraid, their agressiveness reflects fear in you. Their agressiveness or anger is just a cover up of their fear. Anger is the “male” manifestation of fear and fear is the “female” manifestation of anger.

Every emotion has two polarities. One polarity activates the other. Be on the look out about this in your daily interactions.There are some people who only reflect your highest potential and not your unconciousness. These are the self realised masters.

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They will still reflect back to you your unconciousness but in a compassionate way such that you dont feel threatened or judged. Thats the difference between a person like Jesus or Buddha and your spouse or parent or priest. A Buddha will reflect your ugliness in a non-threatening way, such that you feel a deep need for transformation. Your spouse will reflect your ugliness too but in a threatening manner that you want to fight back or resist them. Both are mirrors but one is clear and dust free while the other has some dust and so both give you different versions of yourself.

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