By Steve Mutua.

The source of all interpersonal conflict is between the sense “I Am” and “I Am this or that”! Get that right.

The I Am is true and universal for all beings but “I Am this or that” is only conceptual and not altogether true.

Everyone knows “I Am” but what that I Am is, very few know. Those who dont know must by necessity add conditionals to it, so they assert, “I Am this or that”.

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When two “I Am this or that” meet, there is bound to be conflict because these are just ideas that are being taken for the truth. Truth never clashes with Truth. I Am never clashes with I Am.

When two Self Knowers come together, there is no possibility of any clash because the foundation or cause for a clash is missing! No cause, no effect! However, where the cause is, the effect must follow, sooner or later.

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That’s why after the honeymoon, life changes drastically. The cause was carefully hidden but it has to produce the effect sooner or later.

Know yourself in Truth and all else shall fall into place beautifully. Stay as “I Am”!