This is also the Law of Karma. In science, it is the law of action and reaction. What we sow, we reap. Choices have consequences. We all agree, at least intellectually that this a natural and beneficial law. But we have issues accepting its operation in our own lives, especially when things don’t go our way or the way we imagined or hoped for.

All our interactions are always energetic exchanges. We send out energy in the form of thoughts, words, attitudes, actions. That sending out is our karma. We receive energy in the same way from outside. That is our destiny.


In most cases, our karma is good and so we readily accept our destiny in some particular dimensions of life. In some other cases, we rebel against our destiny because we cant connect our particular destiny to our particular karma!

This is what is called unconsciousness. It is like a “blank” where we cant connect the effect to a cause that is within us. This is when we blame others or “God” or anything but ourselves.

Generally, we can easily connect physical actions and the resultant reactions. When we attack somebody physically, they may respond in kind.

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What we find hard to “see” are the more subtle energetic emanations in the form of thoughts, feelings and attitudes. These too, are powerful causes. They are energies that we send out and by spiritual law, they must have their effects.

A friend posted about a woman who gets beaten by her husband. Is the cause of the beatings in her? It seems obvious that this husband is an abuser. But is it possible that the woman is also playing a part in this abuse?

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We may debate forever, but the law holds true at all times. There are no innocent victims in the universe. It is tough to accept, but it is the law.

When we talk of being conscious or living consciously, it means coming to see clearly how even hidden causes must have their effects. This is what we are attempting to do in meditation, searching deep and making the connections.