Understanding the Impact of CLIMATE Change by Benjamin Mukulo



What is climate change? what do we understand by the impact of climate change, Let’s go deeper.

This is permanent alteration of the average weather conditions or situations of a place.

How does it occur?

Human beings, in their daily search for every produce a lot of carbon dioxide while other human activities load.

the environment with methane gas. These together with other GHG form a blanket near the earth’s surface
So what?

Rays from the sun reaching the earth get remitted upwards in the form of heat waves but cannot rise far due to this blanket. Heat is retained at the ground level. The more the gases the more the heat hence global warming
Effects of global warming?

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Hotter temperatures in our sorroundings.

Change in ambient conditions for pests and disease causing organisms attract rare presence like locusts

Updraft shoots air and moisture beyond cloud level.

is no longer reliable.

droughts are more frequent
drought and famine become more severe.

Food insecurity increases and water scarcity is Emminent.

loss of animals and tree species (ecosystem) result

Rain can no longer fall in regulated manner and drops as floods/torrents affect its spread in time.

Eventually the dry rain effect may come- where it starts in space and ends in the sky!

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Human health diminishes.

  • Melting of glaciers and snow caps on mountains and crossing of sea levels.
  • Extreme poverty, displacement and continued loss of lives.

The list is endless
Let us pray to God for the answer but also.

Ways forward?
Minimize production of green house gases such as carbon dioxide into the air- by using renewable energy solutions.

Remove/reduce GHGs in the air by planting many trees. NB: Trees use carbon dioxide to make their food and produce oxygen for our breathing.

Reduce garbage heaps which release methane gas into the air.

Reduce livestock populations and/or use Bio-gas from cow dung to remove the gas from surroundings.

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Plant ground cover crops and grass in addition to trees to leave no empty reflecting surface to minimum reflection as well as enhance carbon trapping.

NB: The interventions for minimizing production of green house gases is what is mitigation.

Adaptation strategies will enable communities to continue enjoying high quality of life within a changed climate through building their resilience and reducing the levels of vulnerability.

Let’s act before it is too late🎺!
Grow trees and ground cover at home, in church, in town, in institutions and everywhere else.

“The environment and the economy are really both sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment then we cannot sustain ourselves”- Wangari Mathai

Produced by;
Benjamin Mukulo
County D Director,
Environment and Climate Change, Kitui, Edited by Yoana Kimwele.