Understanding kitui youth Challenges / phenomenon-yoana kimwele



By yoana kimwele

The Youth in this country bulges have become a global phenomenon and Kitui is no exception to this growing trend.

In Kitui, the youth bulge presents a number of challenges for both the unskilled and skilled youth in the county.
Youth generation represent the most abundant asset Kenya has or will have over the near future.

Nonetheless, there have been a considerable number of efforts, surveys conducted and published reports on my blog
and studies published on our dailes that invariably conclude that there are persistent risks and challenges faced by a Kenyan youth.

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The youth are, and will remain, a significant share of kitui’s population for the foreseeable future.
There is a need to come together and address the challenges in a holistic manner

Developing and implementing appropriate strategies through the assembly and county government policies and programmes to mitigate the risks and challenges the youth face must be much more of a priority for the government than it currently is.

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Any failure to provide appropriate opportunities for this large segment of the population could have enormous economic, political, cultural, and social consequences.

Engaging the youth population fully is therefore no longer a choice but an imperative in the development process in any serious government .

This work advocates for, and analytically discusses, strategies for engaging the youth through empowerment, education, and employment.

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The writer is yoana kimwele,he
has been a youth mentor in the church for couple of years those who passed through his hands are enjoying the fruits of his deeds, To God all the glory