Understanding God and The Genesis of curse.



By Steven Mutua

One of our greatest issues as a species is believing that anything outside of ourselves has power over us; power to control us, power to hurt us, and power to curse us with bad luck. Unfortunately we’re raised since childhood believing that this is the case, particularly with the teaching that there is an external God up in the sky waiting to punish us, or that there are outside ghosts, fairies, witches and other beings who can put spells on us, or somehow possess us to do evil, or to suffer.

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The problem with these indoctrinated perceptions is that they are completely false, and perpetuate the myth that the world is divided: that we are all separate beings, when in fact, we are all One and finely interconnected.

This is known as the divine web of life, a web that you can easily see and experience if you learn not to trust your thoughts, beliefs, judgments, assumptions and other mental conditionings for long enough. But this firstly requires you to cultivate self-awareness.

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Do you have enough self-awareness? If you do, you would realize that you are actually responsible for your bad luck – or at least, your perception of what bad luck is.
If you unconsciously believe that you deserve to suffer, you will find any way to confirm this belief and to bring it about.

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You might like to call this the law of attraction; that what you think is reflected in your reality. Or perhaps you might like to diagnose this with a more scientific term: confirmation bias.