The strike on iran’s Most prominent commander by USA Military will have far reaching implication, nevertheless America is too powerful! It Will be Rat and Lion fight if Iran-USA goes to war

USA got it’s independence in 1777 from Britain and that’s long enough to equip itself to be what it is today , it is approximately two hundred and forty years by today!

USA has continuously developed and strategically expanded its military technologies and arsenal due to its strategic enemies !it has all types of weapons developed from its soil befitting war for success with different countries if need be defending on the strength,size and terrain of that nation and can shorten or prolong the war depending on the interest.

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If for example america goes for a serious war with Russia today,it will very fast destroy it with the five minute nuclear headed destroyer guided by satellite! Because it has a lot of interests in Europe and would not wish Russia to cause mayhem

America is too powerful to compare it with any nation under the sun and in this case Iran is too minute for any meaningful confrontation! To cut the long story short just think of the second world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki almost hundred years ago! America had already spared an option of a war destroyer in its long war with Japan!

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Ask yourself where is USA today in its military endeavors!powerful nations like China can only whisper in this class monitored by the USA!

American war can be short or long depending on its interests! In the middle east it may prolong the war to steal oil !In China it can shorten the war by use of very sophisticated weapons to stop Chinese advance to its allies like Taiwan!in America any plan to attack an Ally is like directly attacking USA and there are consequences for that!

America has strategic war bases across the globe even in the sea and can attack any nation from anywhere and anytime if need be!

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In modern war technologies, population of the army is no longer a factor to be considered!The sophisticated technologies for war backed by economy is very important! Russian is one nation with weapons but very poor to support war for long!

To be more precise a war between Iran and USA would be like that of a rat and a lion!

Remember American subsequent wars are on their dairy already and well dated and weapons prepared and they have very powerful strategic intelligence and spying systems remotely deployed especially on warfare!

They are not scared at all!Do not forget America is an economic superpower too and can buy the best of everything including brains and technologies!